Glenrothes is undergoing some exciting changes in order to provide energy efficient heating to the community.

We were asked by our client to supply a CPA contract lift to lift and position 2 28,000kg vessels measuring 4.5-meter diameter and towering 13 meters in height.

Initially our involvement in the project was the lifting of the tanks, however the tank access steelwork also had to be erected. Our site erecting team handled both the installation of the steel and the topping and tailing of the tanks.

The steelwork frame was delivered to site partially assembled then topped and tailed and stood in position. Our site team fixed the structure to the foundation by means of mechanical anchors and erected the remaining components in preparation for taking delivery of the tanks.

We utilised an LTM1300 and LTM1100 to top and tail the 28 tonne tanks. The 300 tonne and 100 tonne cranes simultaneously lifted each tank to allow the delivery lorry to depart the exclusion zone. The 300 tonne crane raised the load and the 100 tonne crane lowered off both working in synchronisation until the 28000kg vessel was fully transferred onto the 300 tonne crane ready for final positioning.

All works were planned, managed and executed by our own workforce under CPA contract lift conditions.