Helping make Glenrothes Greener

Glenrothes is undergoing some exciting changes in order to provide energy efficient heating to the community. We were asked by our client to supply a CPA contract lift to lift and position 2 28,000kg vessels measuring 4.5-meter diameter and towering 13 meters in height. Initially our involvement in the project was the lifting of the tanks, [...]


CPA Contract Lift for Wind Turbine Project in Glenrothes

Our contract lifting team recently attended a wind turbine in Glenrothes, Fife to assist with the replacement of some components. The access to the site was challenging due to narrow roads and tight radius turns. Precise marshalling was required to ensure the crane gained safe access to the set-up area. An LTM1070 [...]


CPA Hire for Erecting Steelwork in Glenrothes

Our new Liebherr LTM1040 2.1 mobile crane is hard at work erecting steelwork for a valued customer in Glenrothes town centre. The project is part of a wider regeneration plan for Glenrothes town centre. The development of the site at North Street, former home of the CISWO, is expected to be completed by the end of the [...]


Contract Crane Lift Fife for China bound Vessel

Recently, our 70 tonne mobile crane was hired by a local Fife company to assist with the task of topping and tailing a number of vessels in preparation for transport to China. Restricted head height, access issues and lack of head room made topping and tailing the 23,000kg vessel a real [...]

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